Loud and Clear

I spent yesterday morning with our congregations in Comrie and Lochearnhead – which are linked with Crieff in a group of three stretching out from Perth towards the Trossachs. Perfect Perthshire autumn morning – trees just on the turn – Loch Earn absolutely still – two beautiful little churches – faithful and enthusiastic congregations.

This the church at Lochearnhead

Research shows that the church tends to move from less to more pleasant places – and clergy may find themselves doing the same. These three churches will be seeking a new Rector soon – an irresistable call for somebody, I should think.


  1. I think you have to be like Moses – hear it a few times and wait till somebody else tells you what you heard.

  2. What a glorious picture of wee St Angus’s!

    Puts me in mind of the privilege of a worship service (including a most inspiring sermon) there on a September morn three years ago. The self-heating pews were a bit of fun too…

    Also, if I were ordained, or something like that, it would be very tempting to put in for that rector position… Humm. (

    How does go about finding out about whether one might have a vocation? Seriously.)


  3. So how do you read Psalm 23 about green pastures? Seems to me to fill the bill. Meanwhile .. back at the incarnational and gritty realities of life at the ministerial coal face at Fettes …

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