And now for the weekend

It’s turned into one of those busy periods – some serious socialising both here at Blogstead and on the Perthshire hillsides.

We ran our ‘Sources of Growth’ Workshop yesterday as part of the Diocesan Review – one of those events where one says, ‘Let’s do this’ without having any idea how. In the event, about 65 people turned up – amazing in itself – and we ran a highly interactive event, planned to the minute. Talking heads are all very well in my view. But nothing as good as creating a format in which people share good practice, insight and vision.  The picture shows Rev Ann Mazur with Gordon Morrison who has acted as Consultant to the Diocesan Review.

Today, it’s Comrie and Lochearnhead followed by the Installation of Giles Dove as the new Chaplain at Glenalmond.


  1. I’ll do a separate blog with some links and, if you want to explore further, we could do that off line?

  2. Is there more you can tell us? I’d be curious to know what you did, what you wished you’d done…

    We spend a lot of time reinventing the wheel in the church. Blogs might be one way to share ideas that work.

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