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It’s tempting to write about the trivia of Blogstead and diocesan life – is that real life or is it not? But I’ve been continuing to read the news from the Bishops’ meeting of The Episcopal Church on Thinking Anglicans

The 30 September deadline – or is it a deadline? – looms.  It’s not that the issues don’t affect us in Scotland.  They do.  And we are not good at dealing with them.  But what is happening in New Orleans will deeply affect all of us in the Anglican Communion.  And there is virtually nothing which we can do – apart from pray.


  1. That little symbol and the end of my previous comment was supposed to be the “praying” version of the emoticon :-), but somehow it loss at least one of it’s characters.

  2. I left a rather longish comment a little bit ago and it didn’t show up right away, so I thought maybe you’d turned on moderation of comments, but then I posted a short little comment your blog post about Alyth and it showed up right away.

    Oh, well.

    Prayer is what’s needed for our HOB. Lots and lots. I just hope they’ll get back to being the Church instead of fighting over everything. Personally, I’m rather tired of all the fighting and politicking. I just wish they’d just focus on the One who unites us, Christ, and not what divides us, which it seems that a lot of energy has been consumed over lately.

    I have faith that God can rig ecclesiastical elections so that God’s favorite candidate wins. Some people, I think, are just upset that who they wanted to be Bishop of NH or Presiding Bishop or whatever wasn’t who won, so they can’t accept that God got God’s way.

    Sometimes I wonder if our Anglican bishops have the ability to agree on anything other than the shape of their miters! (Or are they not all the same shape?) I bet if Lambeth 08, with all the bishops in attendance (which it would take a miracle of God to accomplish), tried to pick one exact shade, hue, tint, et cetera . . . of “episcopal purple”, it would be impossible to get even a simple majority to agree.

    No matter what happens on 1 October MMVII, I’m not giving up my claim to membership in either the Anglican Communion or the Episcopal Church. I’m an Anglican and I’m an Episcopalian and I plan to stay both no matter what. That’s how I was confirmed and that’s how I’m staying.


  3. Thanks to Tom for noting the death of the RSS feeds. We – meaning Tim Haynes, Kelvin Holdsworth – were aware of it and hope to do a reload with the new version of WordPress which is available from Monday. Meanwhile I’ve been talking to myself a bit but that has never inhibited me ..

  4. Why does the church get so wound up about the sex lives of its clergy? Let them have a bit of love and affection with their partner of choice as long as said person is available and willing. What irritates me as a lapsed Anglican is that the chirch might split over homosexuality and yet accepts a certain amount of adultary in its midst. And adultary by definition involves deception, whilst homosexuality needn’t if homosexuals are left to get on with their lives in peace. I’ve quoted this before, possibly even on this blog, but anyway here goes: ‘As I grow older and older and totter towards the tomb, I find that I care less and less who goes to bed with whom’ Dorothy L Sayers I think. OK rant over.

  5. David
    A technical note:
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