How much less this house …

Those of you who aren’t part of the charmed inner circle of life in the close here at Blogstead might be surprised to know that I don’t spend much time at our Cathedral – St Ninian’s whose very day it is today.  It’s not that I don’t want to and don’t find it congenial – more that episcopal ministry is actually worked out in the trenches of diocesan life more than in my seat in the Cathedral.

So imagine my surprise when I went in today and found that it had changed out of all recognition.  I think it is a beautiful building anyway – but new lighting has enhanced its proportions.  The floor has been lightened so that it reflects the light and enhances the overall effect.  The pews are gone – replaced by comfortable chairs in the most delicate shade of episcopal purple.

In our Diocesan Review, many of the clergy suggested that we needed to pay attention to our buildings – to make them bright, inviting and able to convey a sense of the numinous.  St Ninian’s now does that in the most wonderful way – it speaks of a church which is serious about its ministry and its future.  Drop in when you are passing.