Living the Script

Ever since De Trip on Saturday, I’ve been pondering the Ted and Dougal exchange – when Dougal went to the reunion and ‘D’you know what, Ted?  They’d all become firemen!’  Comprehensive Google searches have failed to bring it up.  Did I imagine it?

Meanwhile up in Kinloch Rannoch on Sunday, I felt a bit like Mrs Doyle.  Brought my sermon but couldn’t find it.  It wouldn’t matter a lot but then I thought it might be in the middle of the copies of the Diocesan Review I’d put at the back of the church.  So I went out to the car to check.  And found some German tourists thinking about coming in.  So I hustled them inside and they said, ‘We don’t think we can stay.  We’re Roman Catholics’  ‘Ah go on, go on, go on.’  And they did.


  1. Worrying isn’t it. Someone around here is paid to keep a grip on reality and I always thought it was me. Now I’m not so sure.

  2. But surely you would have to give very high marks for such a plausible storyline

  3. A somewhat less than comprehensive browse through my book of the complete scripts has also failed to identify the fireman line +David – so there is the possibility that you may indeed be imagining it! Worrying indeed!

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