Living the Script

Ever since De Trip on Saturday, I’ve been pondering the Ted and Dougal exchange – when Dougal went to the reunion and ‘D’you know what, Ted?  They’d all become firemen!’  Comprehensive Google searches have failed to bring it up.  Did I imagine it?

Meanwhile up in Kinloch Rannoch on Sunday, I felt a bit like Mrs Doyle.  Brought my sermon but couldn’t find it.  It wouldn’t matter a lot but then I thought it might be in the middle of the copies of the Diocesan Review I’d put at the back of the church.  So I went out to the car to check.  And found some German tourists thinking about coming in.  So I hustled them inside and they said, ‘We don’t think we can stay.  We’re Roman Catholics’  ‘Ah go on, go on, go on.’  And they did.


  1. A somewhat less than comprehensive browse through my book of the complete scripts has also failed to identify the fireman line +David – so there is the possibility that you may indeed be imagining it! Worrying indeed!

  2. But surely you would have to give very high marks for such a plausible storyline

  3. Worrying isn’t it. Someone around here is paid to keep a grip on reality and I always thought it was me. Now I’m not so sure.

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