De Trip

We went on the outing today with the Scottish Branch of the TCD [Trinity College, Dublin] Association – leaving South Queensferry just under the Forth Railway Bridge


and going to Inchcolm  It was a beautiful day and the Abbey looked lovely – not sure that I would choose to get married there myself. But there you are.


Great nebbing on the boat on the way home: ‘Do you know that the Japanese all train their cats to use the ordinary toilet?’


  1. I’ve heard of others (not just the Japanese) training cats to use indoor plumbing. Just don’t train Poppy how to flush. Seems that some cats are quite entertained by downward swirling water and have nothing better to do that stay up all night increasing their staff’s water bill. By the way, here in the US at least, one can get flushable organic cat litter made from organic material. It is expensive, but it is available.

    (Dogs have masters – cats have staff.)

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