Strategic catch-up

I’ve had what they call a ‘catch-up’ day today.  The E Mail is reasonably up to date but the pile on the side of the desk isn’t so good.  And I’ve been trying to put together the Working Groups for the Diocesan Strategy.  There’s another meeting this evening in Bridge of Allan as part of the reception process.

Meanwhile, here at Blogstead Episcopi, we are tentatively beginning discussion about The Sign At The End Of the Lane.  It clearly must demonstrate a proper welcome and inclusiveness – the more liturgically-minded residents pondered, ‘Grace and Peace ..’  It must not be suburban and needs to have an eye to the animal and pet issues – Poppy and the deer.    We need a committee.  It could also organise the Christmas festivities.  Watch this space.


  1. Well the Committee would probably become completely self-generating and preoccupied with its own life. But then it’s a bit like that down the lane here at Blogstead anyway

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