The meeting in Bridge of Allan was great – 38 people turned up, representing a significant proportion of the total membership of the Scottish Episcopal Church.  It was really a very interesting meeting – particularly the exploration of the link and tension between spirituality and strategic planning.  I find myself constantly discouraging people from using the word ‘change’ – because that tends to invite people to man the barricades.  Much more it is about faith, hope, mood, trust – the things which detach us from the need to protect the past and enable us to trust the uncertain future.

But back at Blogstead, there are other more empirical  agendas.  Ian is insisting that I cycle with him over two days from Callender to Aviemore.  I think that a better knowledge of Scottish geography might suggest Aviemore to Callender since altitude is more important than the prevailing wind.  Anyway, I’m in training on Bamm Bamm’s mountain bike.  Which explains why I was wearing my Darcey Bussell e-z-y-fit black lycra cycling tights when +Bruce called in to discuss our tactics for the coming Ballintuim Mitre Croquet Tournament.  Apparently the secret is to manipulate the handicapping system so as to maximise the number of ‘bisques’ which one has.  And, of course, in 2008, the Tournament will be played as Bicycle Croquet or Fahrradkrocket.

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  1. Haoppily or otherwise, I can’t say, +David, that the thought of your sheer black lycra cycling tights is doing it for me at this time of the morning!

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