Home Sweet Home

All a bit of a performance getting home.  Mr O’Leary says 15 kg and no more these days.  But, of course, I had slipped a bottle of Fr Jack’s comfort into my case.  It was 16 kg on the way over.  But then there was all the toothpaste, shower gel, etc which had been used.  Not to mention the fact that books get lighter as they are read and clothes as they are worn.  So Bamm Bamm – a sensible girl who always operates within the limits – took it back with her to Dublin and on to Belfast.

Like everybody else, I expect, we found the world of holiday and travel simply full of four year old little girls just like Madeleine.  Which was, I suppose, because of heightened awareness.  And yet one wondered whether one could really go up to a complete stranger and say, ‘Forgive me for asking what may seem a difficult question …’   Her parents are utterly impressive.  They remain positive.  But they don’t give the impression that they are unrealistic with it – I am sure that they have stared long and hard into the abyss.