All good things ..

So it’s back to Blogstead Ecosse this evening – provided Mr O’Leary is as good as his word. If not, there will be a problem with the dedication of the new organ in Burntisland tomorrow morning and Confirmation in the Chaplaincy at St Andrews in the evening.

It’s been lovely here – Gilbert asked where. I was being coy about that but it’s in Begur in the really nice bit of the Costa Brava. Meanwhile, as Laurene points out, the Spanish phrase book continues to fascinate. Extraordinary proverbs.

We sat outside at a restaurant by the sea last night and watched the boats in the dusk. In the days when I studied Coastal Navigation for my Yachtmaster Certificate, I used to know the meaning of the sequences of lights which ships display at night. Some are as obscure as the offerings of the phrase book – and sound faintly ecclesiastical – as in: ‘I am a large vessel with limited room for maneouvre in a narrow channel’ or ‘I am a dredger travelling backwards’ or ‘I am under way but not under control.’


  1. I used to know the Easter rule by heart – useless things they used to teach one in primary school

  2. Oh – it was all worth waiting for. And I hadn’t been away long enough to have an attack of, ‘Who am I?’ Who are these people? Why am I wearing these funny clothes?’

  3. ¡buenas tardes! – I’m always (very improperly!) heartbroken when holidays come to an end. May the organ dedication, the Confirmation & home be proper consolation for you! Hopefully it won’t be too long before the next one. Yours ever 🙂

  4. Working out the date of Easter with Golden Numbers would be elementary grade compared to knowing that a sequence of lights meant a large dredger was travelling backwards out of control and wasn’t some millionaire having a party on his yacht!

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