On the move

An interesting Sunday – first in St Serf’s in Burntisland for the dedication of a new organ – well, new to them.  Burntisland is one of those places which is moving steadily up in the world.  It’s directly across the Firth of Forth from Leith.  It’s got a seafront and golf links and it’s becoming a commuter town for Edinburgh.  So there should be a new future for our congregations there and in Inverkeithing and Aberdour.  Then it was on to a Confirmation in St Leonard’s Chapel in St Andrews – four students with friends and family in support.

Now I am at [I almost said ‘incarcerated’] at a meeting of the bishops of the churches of the British Isles at Market Bosworth near Nuneaton.  Bishops in bulk are, of course, fascinating characters.  This afternoon’s speaker, Fr Timothy Radcliffe banged a few nails on the head.  This was just one of them: ‘Rush and pressure are part of the innate violence of the world – they destroy the inner wisdom which makes work fruitful.’