A Fair Cop

What an exciting day! Tayside Police have now located the Diocesan Office and hope to return it to us shortly. Alicia hopes to be present for an Identity Parade. It’s real Enid Blyton stuff. Tim’s zeal in creating an on-line photographic record has been a real help – maybe he should photograph all of our members as well in case they are stolen by other churches and we need to identify them.
Meanwhile, the real business of today was the Institution of David as Rector of the Central Fife Team. This is a group of congregations in Glenrothes, Lochgelly and Leven – some of it is in the old industrial areas of Fife – Lochgelly has the lowest cost housing in Scotland. But as we drove through the housing estates towards the church, I felt quite nostalgic about working in this kind of community – these are wonderful places in which to minister. There is warmth and friendship – the lack of long tradition means that you can try out new things – and the core of faithful and committed members is second to none. Good things to come


  1. In my early days as an incumbent – before I discovered diocesan committee life – I once went for 18 months without visiting the Diocesan Office. Neither they nor I seemed to be missing anything much.

  2. The thought of loosing a whole Diocesan office is rather appealing to parish clergy at this time of annual returns etc – what a shame the police are so efficient. If they catch the culprits could they serve their sentence within the community here in Yorkshire!!

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