Almost Springtime

It was a bright clear day in Perthshire today – and you could see extra length in the daylight for the first time.  So there is hope.

Meantime, I ploughed into the post-Christmas backlog – not helped by the theft of the office computers over the holiday.  So we’re playing out the wise and foolish virgins scenario in respect of the effectiveness of our back-up procedures.  I’ve become a devotee of on-line back-up with and BT Digital Vault – anything which means I don’t have to think about it has to be good news.  So I’m a sort of wise but ‘hands free’ virgin.
And it was a great break visiting friends and family – although Donegal, Leicester, Cambridge and home turned into a 1200 mile marathon in the faithful Passat.  It’s done 137000 miles now but no problems apart from the odd waft of curry smell from cooking anti-freeze in the leaking heater matrix.  Come to think of it, it seems to have more energy than I do – but tomorrow is another day.

Oh – and by the way my Unionist friends in Northern Ireland would not have enjoyed the patient explanation which I received from a nice lady in the DVLA in Dundee today when I tried to tax the Passat and discovered that I had forgotten to register my change of address.  It went roughly, ‘Yes Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom but the system operated by DVLNI is not connected at all with DVLA.  So you have to re-register your car when you move from Northern Ireland.’   That must be what Drumcree was about and I never knew.