Still trekkin’

You will have noticed that I have a surprising affection for the Afrikaaners .. and the spirit of the Great Trek lives on, although in a somewhat debased form.  You’ll find it embodied in the person who owns the Internet Cafe at Knysna Quays …

After his computer had dropped its connection for the umpteenth time, I ventured to suggest that his connection might be a little fragile.  To which he responded as if I had questioned not his bandwidth but his parentage.  Indeed he had 1 meg of connection speed – the biggest and fastest connection in the whole of Southern Africa.  To put it in a nutshell, my connection couldn’t possibly measure up to his and I could take myself back to the hairdressers and girls blouses of the Cape.

Yes indeed.  Still trekkin’ – and going nowhere.


  1. A message from Blogstead Episcopi!
    We too are enjoying your travel escapades in South Africa.
    In contrast to your diocese ( per David!) life at Blogstead remains peaceful and slow – slow is the word for our garage which has been roofless and doorless for the past 10 days. The friendly builder says Wednesday will see the doors arrive. We were too polite to remind him there are 52 wednesdays in the year!

    The one excitement during your absence has been Spice (for other readers the dog next door) who following 4 hours of escape with whom or what we know not, now hobbles on three legs, having sprained the fourth.
    We look forward to your return and hearing more of your reflections on South Africa
    Bruce and Elaine

  2. Bishop David – I’m so enjoying this wee travelblog from SA – so many memories of my own visit there. It’s a truly amazing country. Of course we’re missing all you back here – the Diocese is just about collapsing without you! Travel safely and come soon to rescue us from ourselves!

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