Zero Tolerance

We drove back to Cape Town today – listening to the talk radio discussing the question of the number of whites who have left South Africa since 1994.  Apparently it stands at almost one million – significantly weighted towards younger adults – and the major factors driving it are the high levels of violence and criminality – and employment issues which follow on the affirmative action programmes.

Well I have to report that a solitary policeman was guarding a Stop Sign against the rising tide of criminality in the middle of Humansdorp in the Eastern Cape yesterday.  I saw it as I went through it and went on my way 500 Rand poorer – but he was charming with it.

Meanwhile today at the Fairview Winery in Paarl [today is a Public Holiday in South Africa] a large proportion of the white population seemed to be out in family groups enjoying lunch in the early spring sunshine in the middle of the vineyards – and looking forward to a long summer and a long future.  Let’s hope so.