Knowing what I believe and believing what I know

You may have noticed the controversy about the poll from the Richard Dawkins Foundation

Basically the premise is that many of those who self-identify as Christian lack even a basic knowledge of the faith they claim to hold. Giles Fraser on Radio 4 Today did as good a job as anyone has in dealing with Dawkins when he showed that he in turn was unable to quote the full title of the Origin of Species.

So I thought a bit about gaps in my knowledge …

Anything to do with accounts, cash flow projections, balance sheets, etc. I sign them trusting to the integrity and professionalism of those who prepare them. But I have no intuitive ability to understand them


The doctrine of the Atonement

Most things to do with feelings and human relationships

But more seriously, the conversation reminded me of something which I learnt early on in ministry. People in congregations may not have degrees in theology. But they have an instant and intuitive recognition of two things. They know if you are ‘going through the motions’ – if the embers aren’t glowing as they should. And they know if you are preaching – well not heresy – but just stuff which is not orthodox.

And there’s more. Any pastor who has spent time with people at crisis moments of their lives will know that what matters is whether one is sustained by faith – not that one is articulate about it.

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