Lost in Space

Couldn’t find the car yesterday in the Ferrytoll park and Ride. It helps to look on the right floor. Been there so often lately that it is hard to remember. Bit of a fool standing in the middle pressing the zapper and getting no answering greeting from the car.

Basically there is no quick and efficient way of getting from Perth to Edinburgh.

I have given up on the train again – which I do periodically. Dr Beeching removed the direct railway line so the service is indirect and slow. Scotrail have done their best with more trains. But I keep missing trains because I can’t get through the traffic to the station. I don’t know whether I can park when I get there. And Perth Station is enormous and involves huge walking. Oh and there’s no wifi on the train. The best thing is that it is 3 minutes from the train at Haymarket – where Bertie got off thinking he was in Glasgow – to our General Synod Office

So it’s back to the bus. Kinross Park and Ride means I don’t have to go into Perth. The Ferrytoll means that I can pick up any bus going across the Forth Bridge towards Edinburgh. And it’s free and there’s wifi.

No getting away from the grandeur of Scottish geography. My day yesterday was a meeting of our Provincial Standing Committee in Edinburgh followed by a Memorial Service in St Andrews. I realised when I got home that nearly four hours were spent travelling – nearly 200 miles driving and two buses.