With the Great and the Good

Most of the time I make do with the trivial round and common task but sometimes other things break in

I’m on my way home from a second visit to London in less than a week

The first was for the Dinner which the Lord Mayor holds at the Mansion House for Anglican bishops from the British Isles – marking the General Synod of the Church of England. I feign a certain diffidence about these things. But it’s remarkable and there are lots of old friends. You’ll want to know that Alison had the most delicate expression of tartan – so we kept our end up.

Today I have been at a faith leaders’ gathering at Lambeth to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I suppose that had a little flavour of a ‘moment of history’ – and it was a remarkable inter-faith gathering. The Queen’s ability to shake hands and be interested in people is something which one can only admire

Meanwhile – as you know I like the juxtapositions of things. I was sitting in Waterloo Station this morning having a restorative cup of coffee and dictating e mails on my IPhone for Sharon – when a pigeon scored a direct hit on my Kindle. Ah well …