The ones that got away

Having written my Thought for the Day on spirituality in a secular age – or Catholic boot camps for beginners – I can now list the other things which have been part of today which I might have written about. Clifford Longley produced a very effective Radio 4 Thought for the Day which I heard as I was driving home – about prisons, what they tell you about a society, about what they might achieve. I also today received and signed an Oxfam petition against the arms trade. And of course the election of the new Presiding Bishop in the Episcopal Church of the USA, Katharine Jefferts Schori, is a momentous event – both because of her gender and because of the pivotal role of the leadership of ECUSA in shaping the future or non-future of the Anglican Communion. Interesting to note – when one assumes that everything in the US of A is absolutely enormous – that the Diocese of Nevada is not much different in size from the Diocese of St Andrews. Slight cultural difference between Leven and Las Vegas – and between Blairgowrie and Boulder City – but I did enjoy my visit to Las Vegas. Completely OTT in the most refreshing way.

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