Worship ‘n spirituality ‘n authenticity ‘n mission

Bosco Peters dropped in from what looks like a very comprehensive liturgy website in New Zealand. He’s interested in my more-than-slightly unfocused exploring of the links between worship and spirituality. I think it goes like this.

In a secular age, the church talks only to itself. If the church tries to do more than that, it is condemned for being irrelevant or for making vane attempts to be relevant or meddling in politics or .. But the secular age is not godless. It is full of people searching for meaning and exploring spirituality. Those people may recognise authentic spirituality/holiness when they meet it but the church is the last place where they would expect to find it. The church thinks that liturgy is about ‘getting the words right’. And the words have to be right. But actually liturgy is about communicating spirituality – which is why I am increasingly interested in how we ‘do’ liturgy or how we ‘are’ in liturgy more than in the words themselves. Which is where Benedictines come in. Because they just come into church and are. And it’s hard to miss the spirituality. So the challenge is to live and worship with an authenticity such that it communicates itself. Simple.


I’ve spent a fair bit of today doing the filing – which really means that I have energetically moved things around and chucked out a huge amount of stuff.  Ringing in my ears is the only thing I remember from John Truscott’s Training Course in Clergy Administration – ‘Remember it’s not a filing system – it’s a retrieval system.’  In other words, the test is finding it again.  I welcome the fact that the postal strike will increase the number of sets of Minutes and Agenda which arrive by e Mail.  I don’t keep paper copies if I can file electronically.

I’ve also been ordering some reading material to share with Rev Dom Ind who acts as my Chaplain and liturgical minder.  We’re going to do some work on the ‘bishop in the liturgy’ to try and ensure that services like Institutions and Ordinations are as well ordered and choreographed as we can make them.  After all they are a shop window for the church in a secular society.

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