Cultural Clippings

Pretty hectic day here – chopping the top off the hawthorn hedge.  My suggestion that it might remain au naturel as a habitat for wild life fell on deaf ears.  More than enough in the clippings to see us through the next Good Friday procession to Gallowhill.

And then we went to Cathcart Old Church in Glasgow.  Is there anywhere in the whole world harder to find your way around than Glasgow?  Anyway, we were there because my neice Roisin and my sister Helen were taking part in a slightly improbable twinning between the choir of Great St Mary’s in Cambridge and the Backchat Youth Project from Helensburgh via the Faslane Naval Base.  It was great.  I have to say that the Backchat kids won the ‘booty shaking’ prize by a mile.  The GSM choir were elegant to a fault – although it was noticeable that younger members were having difficulty watching the conductor while at the same time reading Harry Potter.  Afterwards one of the church members hospitably engaged me in conversation and I found myself, almost out of habit, checking the usual indicators.  Didn’t ask about stewardship .. honest!

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