Blinking into the sunlight

It’s just over six months now since I retired. I am a firm believer in the idea that you need to stop completely … totally … so that you can think about how you might re-enter the fray in a new way.

I can’t say that I have worked out the answer to that particular question. But I have stopped completely. I hope to get a licence for ministry this month. I haven’t conducted worship other than to preach at a family funeral. I’ve done quite a bit of broadcasting but always at the anodyne end of the spectrum. For the most part, I haven’t had contact with anybody – apart from a little ‘mystery worshipper’ turning up in churches. I’ve missed people of course but I haven’t really missed the rest. I like to think that is because I ‘gave it my best shot’ so I don’t have regrets or wistful longings about what I did or might have done. But I suppose one doesn’t have to justify not missing committee meetings!

And now? Well I just don’t know. Alison and I seem to be quite busy. But retired people always say that. Obviously there are the grandchildren .. and the yoga … and the cooking class … and the cycling. Beyond that I’ll just have to see what turns up. I’m hoping to recast this blog so that I can use it in different ways.

I’m hoping that we will get to the Aberdeen Consecration on Thursday – weather permitting. I’m starting to write Holy Week sermons for the Parish of Douglas in Cork. It’s where my ancestors on my father’s side are buried. And I’m doing to preach at the Chrism Mass for the diocese while I am there. It will be interesting to visit that far south bit of Ireland. It’s a part of the Church of Ireland which feels not unlike the SEC

And I’ll come back and say how I found the consecration.


  1. Thanks Graham. Yes all is well. We are settled just on the edge of Edinburgh. I’ve had a good break and a rest and am starting to think about what might come next!

  2. Folk still talk about you +David, but in the nicest way. E.g., ‘I wonder what our former Primus David is and what he’s doing these days?
    Doing ‘nothing’ is like doing a Retreat, so ‘nothing’ as actually ‘something’ I believe. Enjoy your retirement doing ‘something.’

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