Not in God’s name #pisky


It was a great experience to go to the Lecture given by this year’s Templeton Prize Winner, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, in St Andrews University.

‘Not in God’s Name’ is of course a subject which matters to me – since I spent much of my life living with degrees of religiously-motivated violence. The lecture was full of the almost throwaway lines which are entirely memorable – ‘wars are won with weapons – peace is won with ideas’ I’m working my way through the book at present. He has an extraordinary ability to encapsulate in a very few words the biggest changes in human society. And he provides the most comprehensive understanding of the phenomenon of anti-Semitism which you could imagine – that it is not so much about the Jews as a sign that a society is about to break apart.

I was glad to be there .. I should have put this up sooner!

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  1. Herrenvolk.

    From the corner of my eye
    I can almost see
    in a recess of my mind
    something dark is watching me
    Moving in shadows
    but not caused by light
    emanating darkness

    Held at the gate
    by the keeper of the keys
    kept in quarantine like a disease
    Endlessly pacing
    the confines of it’s cell
    Glaring defiantly
    with the venom of hell

    Here is
    The accuser of my soul
    the robber of my peace

    Here is
    The hand of iron
    fashioned in a cross
    fashioned to deceive

    Here is
    The God of racial supremacy
    the master of the master race
    the destroyer of worlds

    And from you where can I flee
    to the highest mountain or the deep blue sea
    I will take you there with me.

    I offer this as a comment and ask that it may not appear
    should you consider it inappropriate.

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