Preaching in Holy Week #pisky

To people who ask if I am particularly busy at Christmas and Easter, I tend to say – not. I’m not on the treadmill of congregational ministry as I was for so many years. And nobody wants to talk to me about mission strategy or anything else at these moments.

But this year my Holy Week got very busy. I ended up plugging some gaps – which is only right and proper. And I began to feel that I was about two sermons behind.

However I did arrive on two occasions with an ‘every word’ script and I preached them as well.

I always find the Chrism Mass on Maunday Thursday very moving. Our clergy, Lay Readers and I share a real sense of ‘being in it together’ So here in the sermon

And Easter Sunday in our Cathedral was great. Lots of people, wonderful music, clouds of incense …. And this was the sermon

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  1. many thanks for returning to Kilconquhar and keeping it in a perspective the stronger for being restrained.

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