Children dying on beaches – horror of the migrant crisis #pisky #anglican


I have just written this statement for use on social media and elsewhere:

The image of the body of a young boy lying drowned on a beach encapsulates the humanitarian tragedy of the present migrant crisis.   Daily we watch as people who have nothing strive with a desperation born of helplessness and fear to reach places where they hope they may have a better life.   We understand that questions of migration and immigration are among the major political issues of our times.  We need a major public debate about our response and the values which shape it.

Christians and people of many faiths share a particular concern for the refugee and for the homeless.  We call on the Prime Minister and our government to recognise that the scale and the human cost of this situation now demand a response which allows compassion to outweigh immediate political considerations.  We cannot continue to accept that children will die on beaches.

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  1. Thank you David. The situation is not easily resolvable but there is a Canute like attitude to the Government response – ignoring the waves lapping at your feet! As usual too little too late.

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