Mission is Centrifugal

I think I’m pretty well straightened out now after returning from the US. It seems to take a bit longer to get past the jet lag – not so much the sleeping as the eating. If you were following my Facebook, you will have seen that the flight from Salt Lake City to Amsterdam left six hours late. My straightforward hop back to Edinburgh turned into a triangular visit to London City with 30 minute transfers – after which I emerged miraculously with my bag.


So it was Kirriemuir – birthplace of JM Barrie – on Sunday. It’s one of our most beautiful churches and we are trying to gather money for restoration of the stonework at present. I borrowed stuff from here and there for the sermon That included some stuff from the major supplement on mission in this week’s Church Times – with the comment from Bishop Pete Broadbent suggesting that mission begins with decent coffee – I agree with that – and with an understanding that mission is centrifugal. We are still a littel MYCMI-prone to imagine that people are going to wash up to our doors. Maybe that was true once but I think that there is now no substitute for putting ourselves out there in the society in which we are set.

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  1. Your comment about MYCMI does show a deep misunderstanding of what it was about.

    There was never an understanding in any aspect of Mission 21 that I was involved in that people were just going to wash up at our doors.

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