So what did you do today.  #pisky #GC78

I thought I might share what I did today.  Some of it is about making contacts on behalf of the SEC.  Eyes light up when Scotland is mentioned.   Some of it is about roles I occupy in the Anglican Communion – in Continuing Indaba and in the Standing Committee.   It’s networking and relationships – and it’s a great privilege.  I know enough people here to be able to function as slightly more than an outsider.

The day began with a Breakfast Briefing at 8.00 am – followed by the ‘bring your devices’ Eucharist.  Then I nipped upstairs to record a greeting – part of the farewell to Bishop Katharine, the outgoing Presiding Bishop.
Lunchtime I went to a lecture by Bishop Graham Kings who is the Anglican Communion’s Mission Theologian.  More about that another time

Then I went to the exhibition centre and met the people on the stand for Sewanee, where I received an honorary degree last year.  We recorded a video in which – you’ve guessed it – I said how important America is to the life of the Anglican Communion.  And I went on to record another video for Living Church in which we talked about how the SEC is responding to same-sex marriage issues.  And I said how important America is to the life of the Communion, etc.  And I carried on making contacts with American theological seminaries – possible partners and contacts for our own Scottish Episcopal Institute,

I had a quick meeting with the Rector of Holy Trinity, Wall Street – at his request.  Did I mention that it is the wealthiest parish in America?  Then the international guests went to the House of Bishops to be officially welcomed

On to the Dinner to mark the 125th Anniversary of the United Thank Offering.  We listened to a remarkable group of young people talking about what they had done with support from the fund.  We also listened to a virtuoso African-American preaching performance from Bishop Michael Curry who is one of the nominees for Presiding Bishop.  Readers from the Church of Ireland will understand when I say that he is the Tom Keightley of the Episcopal Church.  Best lines of the night – Jeremiah – why he was a Baptist.  But Isaiah was an Episcopalian doing well in his church career until God ….    And his comment on why Sarah laughed at the idea that she and Abraham might found a great nation at the age of 62.  She was laughing because she knew what Abraham could do!

And a nightcap with some of the staff of Virginia Theological Seminary – another possible link for us in our ministerial training

Oh – and it’s breakfast at 6am tomorrow with Bishop Dean Wolffe of Kansas.  Dean is the Deputy to the Presiding Bishop in the House of Bishops.   But of course what we are really going to talk about is how he found the experience of staying in Blogstead after the last General Convention