Elephant in the Room.  #pisky #GC78


This article in Episcopal Herald is worth looking at

What preoccupies General Convention here in Salt Lake City.  I think the answers to that question are probably:

  • The election of a new Presiding Bishop
  • A review of their structural life and the processes of General Convention
  • Questions of Canonical change in the area of marriage

This article is closer to some of the questions which I raised about whether the Presiding Bishop candidates were given the opportunity to develop a real narrative for the future of this church – a narrative which arises out of Gospel and also out of history and context.

None of this is easy.  We face similar challenges in Scotland.   Most churches show some signs of institutional tiredness.  But somehow we have to find ways of setting out a vision which is fresh and authentic because it is gospel-rooted but which also arises from an intelligent and sympathetic understanding of and critique of the past