On to the 4.00 pm


Strange this – indeed somewhat unewesual – to find this random sheep having a graze in our fuschia hedge this morning. But it wasn’t a random sheep. This one had a red collar and seemed to think that it was an Irish Collie dog – so it was happy to pose for a photo with Alison.

And then back to the horse racing. I have to say that, until we got involved in the 1.50 at Towcester yesterday in Molly’s Bar, I hadn’t given it a second thought. But then we found that Jamie, who is Alison’s cousin’s eldest, was actually riding in the 4.00 at Cheltenham. So then we found ourselves getting very involved in that – and in the rather remarkable fact that any Irish people who aren’t in Paris this weekend seem to be in Cheltenham.

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  1. Is this really Bp David making a remark on sport – amazed & delighted !

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