1. Cameron did warn us that he will continue to cut benefits and expenditure so that the ‘big society’ will look after us. His cuts to the Welfare State means that Tory and Lib-Dem policy will develop further and we will all have the potential to be either the very rich who can throw crumbs from our table to the ‘poor’, or we will become the poor dependent upon what others give us. As a pensioner who worked hard all my days and who had a small part in the development if the Welfare State I am appalled that rather than live in a more equal opportunity society I find that I can no longer afford things as before, eg, even a holiday. I live in an affluent area and yes, we have a Food Bank where I can maybe go and beg if I need to. What an indictment that the ‘haves’ (Tories and Lib Dems if SE England) have brought us to a third World country status. The irony of it all is that we Scots did not even elect them!

  2. Very much agree – and then some. I think much less than 1% (by budget) of “wastage” (yuck, an awful term) is an acceptable price to pay for a general freedom of will to fly as high as one likes rather than being an entirely deterministic pawn in the system – as you say, for some the choice is removed – either through their own circumstances or by others absolving the choice to a formulaic system of rules that hast not love.

    I’m currently chewing another angle on this as well: can we frame it in terms of lessened public drive toward a `work ethic’? IOW instead of wasting millions chasing ever-decreasing mere thousands, over-complicating regulations to chase errors in the hundreds, how about investing it in a national sense of get-up-and-go?

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