Visiting St Cuthbert


Time for a little exploring. Down to Newcastle to visit Theresa for some new tat – and on to Durham and York to visit old friends.

I hadn’t been to Durham before – though one of my two clergy grandfathers trained for ministry here. My twitter comment after Evensong that the Cathedral is ENORMOUS drew and immediate flutter of tweeting activity from the Dean and his opposite number in the even more enormous Liverpool. Size matters – but there is enormous, huge, majestic and noble. They definitely do noble.

When we went back yesterday morning, it was very impressive. The guides are friendly – helpful enough to know how to walk up and engage with you. They know a lot but they give a real sense of the Cathedral as a community and a place of worship and ministry.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the new tat ( ! ) & delighted you’ve discovered Britain’s finest cathedral ………

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