It’s Saturday

One if those strange mixtures which are the everyday of ministry

First half of the day at the Cathedral for a training session for our congregational PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) Officers. Our Diocesan Co-Ordinator, Robert Nelllist, works hard to ensure that all our congregations are in compliance with the Code.

And then on to Perth Methodist Church for a Welcome Service for Revd Dr David Easton as Chair of the Methodist Church in Scotland. I was there with other ecumenical partners to widen the welcome and I got to say a few words. The Methodist ‘thing’ of course is singing so it was great to be with them

In between I had 15 minutes to spare and I wandered into Waterstones. Strangely I found myself looking at Perth Heritage’s map of Roman Perth. The Roman roads are very clear of course to the south of Perth around Findo Gask. But the dotted ‘maybe’ lines lead from Guildtown up the hill and across the front of Blogstead. It’s harvest time at present so we have day and night combine harvester noise. But when that fades away, I be listening out for the tramp of the ghostly legions on their way ….


  1. Cue for re-reading Rosemary Sutcliff’s Eagle of the Ninth, even if it is set further west, or perhaps Auden’s Roman Wall Blues?

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