Bishop Henry Wardlaw


Unexpected things turn up. This is the unveiling of a Commemorative Statue to Bishop Henry Wardlaw, founder of the University of St Andrews. He was one of my pre-Reformation predecessors. He died in 1440. The statue suggests that he had a certain confidence in his authority – and fixity of purpose – which I can only dream about.

The statue was unveiled by the Chancellor, Sir Menzies Campbell. With me in the picture is Rachel Hart, Muniments Archivist and Deputy Head of Special Collections, who spoke about Wardlaw and the foundation of the University. It appears that we know each other quite well – that’s because her husband Trevor is about to leave his academic work at St Mary’s to become Rector of St Andrews, St Andrews. That’s a Petertide vocational gift!

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  1. Thank you for this! Brought back memories of the 1970 Kate Kennedy Procession when I enacted the part of Wardlaw. Splendid to see him recognised.

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