Alloa – a story of hope



I think it is really important that we are present as a church in communities like Alloa. Our congregation there is tenacious and resourceful. They have had more than their share of difficulties. But they remain deeply committed to their common life. Of all of our congregations, they are more committed than most to community engagement.

The church has just closed for the rest of the year for renovation work on the stonework. This is to get right was wasn’t right in previous work which was done – so huge work has gone into attracting grants and other funding to secure the future of the building.

So I met the Church Council in the building – altar boxed in like the Ark of the Covenant and everything shrouded in heavy plastic. And we talked – not about the building – but about to develop their future in mission and ministry


  1. Praying for the future of St Johns. May the joy of the Lord be their strength.

      1. Thankyou. He is -mightly. Hope all is well with you and Alison. Blessings

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