Learning in Lockerbie

I went to Lockerbie today in response to ‘an invitation to reflect and celebrate’ a Learning Agreement in South West Scotland – between the Galloway Region of our Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway and the Presbytery of Annandale and Eskdale. They have been working together on lay training in Pastoral Care and many more

Anything which carries inter-church sharing beyond the ‘smiling and waving’ level and actually develops some shared infrastructure is really important,

So what made the 250 mile round trip worthwhile?

I think we all need to be heading towards sharing mission in local areas. This initiative carries us one step closer to that goal
This kind of project needs people on each side who understand it and work well together. Anne Tomlinson and Tom Scott have that
Working together makes things viable and creates a ‘buzz’
One thing leads to another – I think people really want to learn about and talk about faith
Working together challenges denominational structures – which are designed for sustaining and not for sharing.

Back in Perth, our diocese is talking with Perth Presbytery. We need to learn from this