Back in Dublin


It’s more than a year since I have been in Dublin. So this is the view on the famous walk down Dun Laoghaire pier. Alison and I are here just to touch base with family and friends.

The economic crisis is still very evident in what people talk about – particularly the unemployment level. But in many ways life seems to continue …

I wasn’t much impressed to see a Church of Ireland church in South Dublin with a large notice outside saying, ‘Jesus is my rock – and I’m ready to roll’. I wonder what messages they rejected before they settled on that one.

I was more impressed by the operative on the tarmac at Prestwick where we were entrusting ourselves to Ryanair. He was wearing a highviz waistcoat which carried the legend ‘Turnaround Manager’. I thought I might order one for myself.

Home on Monday with a brief trip to London en route.