We’re just back from a few days in Donegal – and very good it was. Wonderful, bright and clear weather – completely uncharacteristic of Donegal.

I’ve been thinking about this exchange ever since. The butcher in Dunfanaghy was cutting up the lamb for us. ‘How would you like it?’ he asked. Because we were on holiday, the answer was, ‘However it comes’. ‘I’m doing middling decent chunks,’ he replied.

Fantastic! It’s the answer to almost everything.

How should I read the Bible? MDC’s
How should I prioritise my working day? MDC’s
etc, etc.

And then another treat. As we left, Alison said, ‘See you later’ and he replied, ‘See you later’ The emigration links between West Donegal and Lowland Scotland remain as strong as ever.

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  1. ‘Middling decent chunks’ – loved it! What a healthy riposte to our quantification-obsessed world. Reminds me of a quotation from not very far away, to wit, Derry, from someone buying pizza over the counter: ‘Gearr é i dtrí leath’ – cut it in three halves!

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