So what do you do all day No 132

It’s a difficult question. There is a nice Northern Ireland expression, ‘I get my time in rightly’. It certainly doesn’t hang heavy. But sometimes you wonder.

Alison and I have been doing family support – hiring a trailor and going down to Glasgow on Saturday to help Mark, Steph and Eve prepare for their house move on Friday. We went back to Burntisland and Aberdour on Sunday for the ‘Sunday worship’ bit of the Mission Action Plan follow-up. There was a baptism and there are children,

Since then Sharon and I have been dealing with the e mail backlog – which had grown a bit more than is good. I have been meeting clergy and yesterday had a meeting with two Vestries to discuss housing issues for their Rector. Their small congregations don’t actually have enough money to do what they feel they need to do to house their Rector adequately – but they recognise the need to do it anyway. Churches are strange things – if you don’t do the brave thing and move forwards, you find that you are going backwards. There is no ‘steady state’ holding position.

So today I have spent the day Chairing a meeting of our Mission and Ministry Board in Edinburgh. Three big issues faced us today: the MinDiv Report on our training of clergy and Lay Readers through TISEC; the next phase of the Whole Church Mission and Ministry Policy; the development of our church-wide consultation on Human Sexuality issues which follows our decision not to adopt the Anglican Covenant.

Now I am on a flight down to London for a period which begins with the Enthronement of the new Archbishop of Canterbury tomorrow. Around that there will be a meeting of the Anglican Primates and of the Anglican Communion Standing Committee. I’ll get home again next Tuesday night.


  1. Hiring a traitor?

    I shudder to think what was needing to be done in Glasgow!

    1. Nice one. Plane must have jumped. And then BA said at Heathrow, ‘And if you are arriving from outside the UK, welcome home!’

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