Women’s Issues

In the aftermath of the rape and death of the young woman in Delhi, issues of gender violence and the place of women in Indian society obviously loom large. It’s very hard to know what the impact of all this has been and will be.


So I was delighted to meet Revd Moumita Biswas who is Women and Gender Justice Co-Ordinator for the Diocese. She gave me a copy of this book of Bible Studies which she and Sushma Ramswami have gathered together


Moumita and I talked about the place of women in this society – even at the basic level of whether or not it is safe. I got the impression that women here need to think carefully and ensure that they do not put themselves in situations in which they may be vulnerable. I suspect it may also be the case that, while women may think and talk deeply about these issues, men don’t find it so easy.

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  1. Delighted that you had a chance to meet and speak with Moumita – good to know the diocese has a Women & Gender Justice Coordinator. I will make contact with her, & tell the Anglican Women’s Network Provincial Link for India, Meenakshi Das, who lives in Agra. There is indeed much concern about women’s safety in that country following the rape and death in Delhi.

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