Last orders …

As you can imagine, I spend quite a bit of time away from home. But it’s a couple of days here and there even when it’s a long distance.

So preparing to head off to New Zealand and be away for a month has a rather different feeling – a slight need to tidy up just in case .. Alison has just retired so we’re both going. Two days in Hong Kong – during which we are looking forward to meeting Archbishop Paul Kwong – and then two weeks of the Anglican Consultative Council in Auckland. I’m going off to preach in Rotorua in the middle of that and afterwards we are going to have ten days in the North Island.

But just as part of that tidying up … we went to Donegal briefly after preaching in Belfast last week and then visited the next generation. This is our grand-daughter Eve getting her teeth into the doctrine of the Atonement.


  1. You realy ought to offer photo of you & Eve’s as a challenge in the Church Times caption competition.
    I expect yours would win anyway – so perhaps it wouldn’t work.
    Irrespective Eve looks a charming young lady & we might even get women bishop’s down here in her time.

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