Near the end of Fife

For reasons too complicated to explain …. I found myself last Friday on the hour-long train journey from Edinburgh to Dundee. It must surely be one of the great railway journeys of the world. It threads its way among the approach lights at the end of the main runway at Edinburgh Airport so that you can reach up and touch an approaching Easyjet flight. It crosses the Forth Bridge and as a finale picks its way rather gingerly across the immensity of the Tay Bridge

Which led me to reflect on how relatively isolated the end of Fife must have been before the building of the Forth and Tay road bridges. Part of the charm of Tayport is that it has never quite lost that charm. It is quite a substantial community – obviously a warm and friendly place where people are very happy to live. And if they feel they need to, the shops and Ninewells Hospital and all the other facilities are just minutes away in Dundee..

This is St. Margaret of Scotland, our little church in Tayport. It’s beautifully kept and they build a little meeting room round the back which is widely used by the community. When I was there on Sunday, there were 18 adult communicants and four children. It’s interregnum time again for them and they carry on – using their own resources and ministry and the support of local clergy.

If you want to know about the SEC, this is typical. Alison and I went away cheered.