Gathering Again

We decided to do our Casting the Net Gathering rather differently this year. Instead of clearing the Cathedral and bringing everybody to Perth, we decided to hold two smaller events. The first was today at All Saints, St Andrews, and the second will be in two weeks at Holy Trinity, Stirling.

It’s workshops and music and ‘let’s try some new things’. But it’s really about getting people from our diverse and scattered congregations into one place and giving them the chance to encourage each other. I was running a workshop which I called – for want of anything better – ‘Netcasting for Beginners’. By the time I was doing it for the third time, we had achieved what I hoped for – which was people talking with depth and passion about how faith can be shared and congregations grow. One doesn’t ask for much more than that.

We had some good ‘bang, rattle and shake – with reverence’ worship at the end and I offered this homily