With people

It’s no secret that we have been having difficulties in some our congregations. People care so these things are deeply felt. From the perspective of the Diocesan Office, it can look like a series of problems. But it’s people. So on Tuesday I did what I’ve done before – went with Kenny our Dean and sat in the Vestry and let people come in ones and twos and threes and just tell us how they felt. We met 14 sets of people over four hours. I think it’s important to do that in a small church where people expect you to be accessible. And when you hear the people it offsets your frustration with the issues.


Last night I headed west to Killin at the head of Loch Tay where we have a beautiful little church with a faithful congregation. The falls in the middle of the village were at their most dramatic. Ladd, the retired priest who has faithfully ministered there for the last twelve years, is going to retire – really this time. I sat down with the Vestry – which was most of the congregation – and we faced the future with hope

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  1. I know the church in Killin. We took our little choir Angelus there some years ago to sing Evensong. We were welcomed into a small but remarkable congregation who turned out on a dreich evening to celebrate. Your Rector, Ladd, had been out in the caravan site putting up posters about the Service, and I am sure some of those attending were not of the area. May he have a wonderful retirement, and may you find someone as caring.

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