I’m in Iceland for the consecration of Bishop Agnes as Bishop of Iceland – that’s her sitting on the right of the picture at the rehearsal this afternoon

It is of course remarkable – even for people like us who are used to long, long daylight. My flight arrived about 2330 last night in broad daylight. By the time that I had registered the fact that my bag was in Heathrow while I was in Reykjavik and got into Town, it was 2 am. Still broad daylight and people walking around as if it was mid-afternoon

This is of course Porvoo Communion business – in case you don’t know about that, it’s the linkage through which the Anglican Churches of the British Isles are in full communion with the Lutheran Churches of Scandinavia and the Baltic Republics. We did a bit of tourism this morning – geothermal springs and the remarkable falls in the picture

Meanwhile the underlying stories of the personal pain caused by economic meltdown are just below the surface. In that sense, it’s very like Ireland.

Tomorrow will be fascinating. I’m doing one of the readings and taking part in the Laying on of Hands. And then Bishop Agnes will be left with the prayers and good wishes of all of us as she sets out on her new ministry

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  1. Great to see the pictures, I met Robert in Iceland. In Stornoway just now where there seems to be more church division than unity.

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