Lady Day

Saturday. I arrive with a sense of relief having spent most of the week sitting around meeting tables in Edinburgh. We’ve been grouping meetings together to save travel time and cost – but the cumulative effect is mind-numbing. I got the odd e mail out under the radar, as it were, to see if anybody was interested in negotiating a ransom to get me released. But nothing.

And then it’s Lady Day. So I spent this morning with our Mothers’ Union branches and had that wonderful sniff of Christmas which today gives in the midst of Lent.

And this is what I said


  1. Dear Bishop David: I just “clicked thru” to read your Lady Day message to the MU. As a tired but (mostly) grateful servant in the midst of his first Lent as an ordained minister – I cannot begin to thank you for these words. They are a gospel I very much needed to hear, and I will spread to others here in rural Pennsylvania USA. Bless you.

    1. Good to hear from you Chris. I hope not tired already. Blessed Good Friday and Easter to you and your family

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