Back to Cuddesdon



I went back today to preach at Ripon College, Cuddesdon. It’s the Theological College where I trained in 1975-6 and I’ve been back once during that time. So a visit there becomes a sort of dialogue with past life. I took a walk down through the village this evening – where Alison and I lived in the cottage at the end of the lane behind the Bat and Ball pub.

The pictures … one is important for our congregation at St Mary’s, Dunblane because it shows me with Tom Birch who is in training here. It also shows the preaching scarf with the Diocesan Crest beautifully embroidered by Heather Bovill.

The ‘Bob the Builder’ picture is with Canon Martyn Percy, the Principal. We are standing outside the partly-completed Chapel. It will be a place of great beauty when it is finished.

And here’s the Sermon



  1. Well thank you also for reminding me that preaching is often about talking to oneself ..

  2. Lovely sermon at Cuddesdon, thank you for reminding me that servanthood involves humility – a self emptying which many including me find hard.

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