Happy Christmas

Well I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. As you can see in this picture from the hearth at Blogstead, all was well with Poppy and the turkey was to her satisfaction. She’s been out on the patio. The paving stones are wet so she requires a man with a hair dryer walking in front of her.

For us by far the most significant event was the arrival of Eve Grace on Tuesday – first grandchild for us. And since she lives near Glasgow, there is almost immediate access for grandparenting and all that this new set of relationships seems to involve.

Meanwhile I have been a non-combatant in the liturgical festivities – after a second short spell in hospital in less than three months. Nothing serious or significant, I hasten to add. More ‘light running repairs’ – a programme of continuing renovations and renewals rather like our cathedrals. We went up to church at Coupar Angus on Christmas Morning – Kenny the Rector was behaving rather like the ‘Rev’ when faced with a full church … trying to work out how and why this had happened. Anyway it was great and I learnt a lot about ..

And I did have an eye to Father Ted and the ‘Kicking Bishop Brennan up the arse’ episode. One of the all time greats, I think


  1. Congratulations to the new grandparents. We had our 7 month old Jay for Christmas. Really lovely.

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