One of the papers asked me for 150 words on ‘Where I was on 9/11’. So I sent them this:

I was with Phyllis, an elderly member of my congregation, in the Sheltered Housing at Edenderry Gardens, Portadown. We sat quietly and watched. Other residents joined us. I think we said a prayer.

Even then, I knew that this was a moment of history. I felt a personal connection. I’d been to the Windows on the World Restaurant. Our family had stood on the top of the North Tower and had a photograph taken inside. I thought about those people.

I was due to take a group from my parish to New York and Albany one week later. We who had lived with terrorism for many years would never allow it to change our plans. But people in New York were so shocked. They couldn’t think clearly. We delayed six months and stood quietly together at Ground Zero. I shall never forget it.

One comment

  1. When the Towers
    of human illusion fall
    the wastelands appear
    in poignant clarity
    and in the midst
    one man left standing
    The Christ – The Reality

    Looking back
    toward the Citadels
    the heart recoils in pity
    the fallen Towers of human mastery
    it was all a cardboard City

    And the people
    we stepped over
    dismissed – with a meagre ration
    are waiting in the wastelands
    and greet us with compassion.

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