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Well, thanks. Yes it was a good holiday. Go anywhere interesting? Well if you drive due south from Blogstead for 1012 miles and bang in a tent peg, you’ll be just about there. Specially chosen as a beautiful place with nothing in particular to do and every inducement to do it very well.

So we sat with some of the oldest friends – those with whom we used to holiday when we had small children in tow – and we talked. At least in the rare moments when we were awake. Now that we are all teetering on or over the edge of the seventh decade …..

It was at the second campsite – 174 miles closer to Blogstead – that the difficulties began. If it was my favourite Arthur Ransome, the chapter headings would be something like this: ‘The Great Inundation’; ‘Le Pied Gonfle’; ‘The Collapse of the Reclining Chair’

The first flooded the tent and drowned both phones – an experience from which the IPhone never recovered. The second took me to the A&E in the local hospital for a multilingual diagnostic experience. The third felt like a personal insult

Camping – at our age? Wonderful!

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  1. Those seem to be the kinds of events we remember and talk about for years to come. That and the wonderful peace that comes with being with old friends.

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