With St Matthew ..

Perth can be amazing – beautiful new Concert Hall and a remarkable performance of St Matthew Passion by the Dunedin Consort. It’s the kind of music which sits in the middle ground between concert and liturgy. There’s always a moment which catches you unawares – for me it was Peter’s betrayal.

And it was brisk – as I think worship should be, even if one attempts to give the impression that there is all the time in the world. Not brisk so as to be over and done with – but because brisk offers all sorts of opportunities to do as Bach does. You can s t r e t c h a word for emphasis – rather than thumping it. And you can have a pause – almost a hesitation – without making a meal of it. And it’s generally easier to slow up than to speed up.

As I said, I’m a bit light on Holy Week – more broadcasting than churchgoing. This was this morning’s Thought for the Day

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  1. Well paced sounds good in worship and in concerts – quite an art to getting it right and catching the moment though!

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